Shaghayegh Marzban, a talented Iranian artist born in Tehran in 1983, based in Amsterdam. From a young age, art has been an integral part of her life, and her passion for it has only grown stronger over the years. She fell deeply in love with the art form and decided to pursue it as a career, attending university to study art and honing her skills through years of experience in the field.

Shaghayegh’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her the privilege of exhibiting her art nationally and internationally, both in solo and group exhibitions. She is best known for her illustrations, which are expertly crafted and convey unique stories that capture the viewer’s attention. She has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how to evoke emotion through her art.

Despite her success, Shaghayegh continues to explore new creative art projects as a pastime. She firmly believes that art is an essential part of her life and finds great joy in expressing herself through her work. Illustrating is her chosen profession, and she brings a level of skill and creativity to her work that is truly exceptional.

She is an artist who embodies the true spirit of artistry. Her love for art shines through her work, and her passion for her craft continues to inspire aspiring artists around the world. She is a remarkable artist, and her work is a testament to her talent and dedication.

This powerful image depicts human beings as trees, connected by a shared root and growing together. The diversity of heads and faces symbolizes the vast array of ideas, cultures, and beliefs that exist in our world. Despite our differences, this image calls on us to unite and accept one another, recognizing that our collective growth depends on our ability to work together.

“Through this image, we see a vision of progress, a future in which all people are free to live without fear of violence or oppression. It serves as a reminder that we have the power to create a beautiful world, one in which our differences are celebrated rather than feared. By embracing diversity and coming together, we can achieve great things and build a brighter future for all.”

May this image inspire us to be more compassionate, understanding, and accepting of one another, as we work towards a world in which all people can thrive.”


• Entrepreneurship Course in the Municipality in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2023

• College in Business Managment, “King`s College London” in London, 2020

• Course Completed in Web Accessibility Training in “UNICEF” 2020

• University Bachelor Degree in Graphics Illustration, “Applied Science University” in Tehran, Iran 2015

• Associate Degree in Fashion Designing, “National University” in Amol, Iran 2003

• Diploma in Fashion Designing, “Art School” in Tehran, Iran 2001 

Art Exhibitions

Since 2004

• Art Group Exhibition in “Ode to joy” in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 24.05.2024

• Solo Illustration Exhibition in “Kunst10daagse” in Bergen, Netherlands. 29.10.2023

• Photo in Book “Docu Magazine” a “Print Publication Focusing on Documentary and Street Photography” 2023

• Illustration Performance in “Kunstklank” “Goodby Father Contry” in Noordwijk, Netherlands. 08.10.2022

• Art Group Exhibition in “Museum Hermitage Amsterdam” “Love Stories” in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 17.09.2022

• Illustration Group Exhibition in Gallery “Maria Ter Zee” “Together for Peace” in Noordwik, Netherlands. 01.07.2022

• Illustration Performance in “Stedelijk Museum Zutphen” in Zutphen, Netherlands. 25.05.2021

• Illustration Group Exhibition in Gallery “Organsate Kunstbrug” “75 Years of Freedom Now and Future” in Kampen, Netherlands. 15.05.2021

• Photography in the “6TH 35AWARDS” of “100 Best Photo and 100 Great Photograph`s” Online in Website in to present, Russian. 2021

• Digital Painting “Artist4beirut” Exhibition Online in Website in to Present, New York, USA. 2020

• “Red Pencil” Photo Festival in “Red Crescent” in Tehran, Iran. 04.08.2018 

• Illustration Workshop in “Andisheh Cultural Center Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 10.07.2018 

• Illustration Group Exhibition in “Andisheh Cultural Center Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 30.06.2018 

• Illustration Group Exhibition in “Ide Parsi Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 15.07.2016 

• Solo Exhibition of “Digital Painting” in “ Art Cafe Sunshine School” in Shiraz, Iran. 25.02.2016 

• Solo Exhibition of “Digital Painting” in “Opera Café” in Shiraz, Iran. 18.02.2016 

• Solo Exhibition of “Digital Painting” in Jam Gallery in Shiraz, Iran. 12.02.2016 

• Solo Exhibition of Illustration “My Inner Woman” in Jam Gallery in Shiraz, Iran. 12.02.2016 

• 2nd Annual Exhibition “Hand Print Exchange (Postal Cards)” in “Laleh Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 17.04.2015 

• 1st Annual Exhibition “Hand Print Exchange (Postal Cards)” in “Laleh Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 11.04.2014 

• “20+5 Group Exhibition” in “Hoom Gallery” in Tehran, Iran, 3.01.2014 

• “-500 Group Exhibition Sale” in “Hoom Gallery” in Tehran, Iran. 31.01.2014 

• Group Exhibition in “Vahdat Hall of Tehran” by “Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance”, Tehran, Iran. 17.04.2013 

Painting “Mamak Gallery” Exhibition Online in Website: From February  to present. USA 2013

• Design & Graphic “The Gap” Movie DVD & CD Cover, Poster. Director Anima Ehtiat “Modulation Art” Tehran, Iran. 2013 

• Group Exhibition in “Tehran University of Applied Science, Unit 42. 03.1.2012 

 Cooperation in Interpretion of “Ashkanian Inscriptions in Nisa” by “Dyakonov.A.L”,Translated by “Shahram Heydar Abadiyan”, Kalam Sheida Publications, Tehran, Iran. 2004

Work Experience

• Art Market in “Museum Market” at Museumplein in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 21.04.2024

• Art Market in “Kunstmarket Noord XL” at Expocafe ZAMEN in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 23.03.2024

• Self – Employed Illustration “Ukunst” in Amsterdam Since of 2023.

• Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer in “Freelancer” Since of 2015.

• Illustrator and Handmade Designer in “Sales Publications”.

• Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer in “Hirmand Publications”.

• Graphic Designer in “Pooriya Publications”.

• Graphic Designer in “Nichlen”.

• Interior Designer in “Aryan Carpet Decoration”.

• Graphic Designer in “Green Circle (Abyaneh Publications)”.

• Graphic Designer in “Homaye Tehran” Mass Builders.

• Graphic Designer in “Jahan Chap va Saderat”.

• Graphic Designer in “Oil, Gas, Petrochemistry Monthly Publications”.

• Graphic Designer & Print Technician in “Nasr Lithography”.

• Graphic Designer in “Tarrahan Tarsim Print & Advertisement”.

• Graphic Designer in “Parto Advertisement Group”.

• Prints and Clothes Designer in “Asad Clothes Print”.